Comprehensive Fitness and Nutrition program

formulated JUST for you!

Our fitness program is unique in that it provides participants the opportunity to actualize their personal potential in fitness and weight management. Members meet weekly with a Nutritional Specialist who individualizes a livable and effective eating plan based upon their personal needs. Fitness training is also included and personalized to meet each client’s goals and abilities. This is not a “one size fits all” approach. This program yields successful, healthy, effective and permanent results.

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Personal Trainers

Kyle Walters

Kyle Walters

Personal Training Program Director

Kyle Walters is a board certified Nutritional Specialist and holds a masters degree in Exercise Science from the University of Pittsburgh. A champion fitness athlete, Kyle’s training programs and eating plans have enabled hundreds of clients to lose literally thousands of pounds over the past ten years.

Anne Pfennigwerth

Anne Pfennigwerth

Personal Trainer

Anne a degree in Human Resource Management and is a certified personal trainer through the American Council on Exercise. She has many years of experience in fitness management and sports. Anne is currently a competitive physique athlete and an accomplished marathoner as well as a distance cyclist.

Tammy Ambrose

Tammy Ambrose

Personal Trainer

Tammy is a certified personal trainer and fitness nutrition counselor through the ISSA. She has spent five years involved in this program as first a client, then a competitor and finally as a trainer. Tammy is an award winning female figure athlete and has helped many clients incorporate training healthy eating as part of their daily routine.

A year from now you’ll wish you had started today.

“Before” and “After” shots of some of our clients tell the whole story.

Pat (Mars PA) – 80 lbs lost

Rich (Saxonburgh) – 97 lbs lost

Bob (Middlesex twp) – 60 lbs lost

Shawn – 103 lbs lost

Gretchen (Saxonburg) – 78 lbs lost

Mary Ann from Mars, PA – 68 lbs lost

Don from Pine Richland – 88 lbs lost

Jessica from Mars, PA – 70 lbs lost